Reading Room_03
Bardsley v Maeterlinck | Social Insect Trilogy | part I.
The Life of the Bee

20 e 21 de Julho de 2019
Sábado e Domingo
das 15h às 20h

concebido e executado por Julia Bardsley
com Moa Johansson
leitura de Grant Bardsley
convidado BJ'ing por Andrew Poppy

Performance com 5 horas de duração - o bilhete permite entrar sair e entrar

A 5-hour durational performance hang-out hive party.

Come & go, dip in & out or stay for the duration - whatever your pleasure!

BJ Sisters W & the Q | apicultural vinyl |stylus venom sounds | drone doom | B2B
D massacre | vibrating manoeuvres | healing + hurting | caressing + cruelty | savage + sage | cellular worker secretions | mellifluous agitations |feminine ecology
F_economies dismantle T | hive partying | H1 H2 H3 | female bee-ing | tended not tamed 

Two female bee-ings will be hanging out and doing their thing in the hive - BJ'ing drone doom vinyl with their stylus fingers, gathering, secreting and exchanging bee matter in sticky ways, fondling their honey stomachs and displaying their pollen sac knees, salving the toxic 'T' with their apian meds, fanning their wings to raise the temperature, then finally massacring those good-for-nothing males to make room for the party to really get going. And all the while there is the mellifluous hum of Maurice Maeterlinck's book The Life of the Bee accompanying this celebratory feminine ecology.

Don't miss Chapter 6. The Massacre of the Males
which will start at around 6.30pm
closely followed by BJ sets from
Sisters W + the Q
DJ Mr Poppy

An Apian Paradox repurposes symbolist poet Maurice Maeterlinck's entomological text The Life of the Bee and conjures a coexistent world that offers a feminine ecology of creativity, pleasure and female bee-ing. The space becomes a type of hive, inhabited by two workers (Julia Bardsley and Moa Johansson) rewriting the Maeterlinck text with bee materials, actions and a sonic apian language utilising two DJ record decks and a selection of bee-related vinyl. In this Lisbon version, a guest BJ in the form of a flower (composer Andrew Poppy) is invited to spin discs from his archive and the hive party moves up a gear.

Julia Bardsley is an artist working with an interplay of performance, photography, projection, sculptural objects and psychological garments. Her projects The Divine Trilogy: Trans-Acts, Almost The Same, Aftermaths, meta_Family and MEDEA:darkmatterevents have been presented in the UK and Internationally. Her current project The House of Wonder & Panic, which hosts the Reading Room series including An Apian Paradox, is testing co-existences and antagonisms along the nature/culture spectrum.